We produce the attractive products with Uzbek textile by Japanese quality.

Uzbekistan once prospered as a relay point for the Silk Road.


In Central Asia, where various cultures have been mixed and developed, there are many attractive miscellaneous goods such as delicately patterned "Rishton" pottery, "Suzani" embroidery, and woodwork.


The colorful IKAT fabric "Adras" or "Atlas" and "Suzani" embroidery can be used as interior goods and fashion goods.


For about 10 years, under the name of "Silk Road Partners", We have held events related to introducing Uzbekistan in JAPAN.


During that time, I met many people and had many experiences, such as being introduced in the media.


From the summer of 2020, we moved to Samarkand, a tourist city in Uzbekistan.

We started to produce the attractive goods using the Uzbek textile with local women.

We aim to complete all products with Japanese quality.

"Rishta" means "Connect" in Uzbek language.


We would like to introduce my favorite goods and connect them to people all over the world.


We want to connect with the people of Uzbekistan and produce products together.


We would like to support Uzbekistan's traditional crafts to lead to the future.


And I want it to be a "Rishta" product that you can choose when you want to connect your precious times, spaces, and feelings.


With that in mind, we will create Rishta original products.

We also mange a local travel arrangement company "SRP TRAVEL" and a private house restaurant "Olmazor", and CAFE " IKAT Boutique S".



mail : rishta.uz@gmail.com




Silk Road Partners: https://srp-uz.com/


" Rishta " :https://www.srprishta.com/


Travel agency " SRPTRAVEL" : https://srptravel.com/

 Samarkand local house restaurant " Olmazor " : https://srp-uz.com/olmazor/